Störling Artist Development Program

Störling Artist Development Program


Join the professional instructors and staff of Störling Dance Theater's Artist Development program for nine months of intensive training and become the dancer and artist that is uniquely you.

Störling Dance Theater, the neo-classical dance company best known for its powerful, storytelling productions of the human experience, offers one of the most unique Artist Development Programs in the country.

Through instruction in the foundations of its unique styles in Ballet and Modern dance, Störling Dance Theater's Artist Development Program offers the pre-professional dancer creative insight and technical proficiency second to none.

If you desire to grow as an artist and individual, the Störling Dance Theater Artist Development program is for you.

During this intensive, nine month program you will:

Develop your dance technique

Develop tools to succeed in your life and career

Develop spiritual maturity

Develop physical and mental discipline

Develop a well-rounded appreciation of the arts

Through its unique teaching curriculum, students will learn advanced techniques in Ballet and Modern dance as well as Jazz, Tap, and Corporeal Mime, the physical theater technique that has shaped the powerful performances of Störling Dance Theater.

In addition to instruction in dance technique, students participate in classroom studies of culturally and spiritually relevant literature, attend arts performances and exhibits throughout the city, engage in discussion groups of modern cultural thought, and learn the significance of Judeo-Christian thought as it relates to the arts as a whole.

What would great training be without great performances? At the heart of Störling Dance Theater's Artist Development program is the uplifting of young artists to create and perform works of art that will encourage and benefit the lives of individuals and communities. 

For questions and application information contact: 

Kathleen Schuler, Director